More About Me


Marc started his career in Sales/Customer Service over 16 years ago and continues to sharpen his skills by attending workshops, reading books, live webinars, and networking events.

Prior to Marc entering the Real Estate world, Marc worked at jobs that surrounded protecting homes such as being a Home Alarm technician for ADT, which involved selling alarm systems and installing them into residential and commercial buildings.

Marc was also an Appliance Sales Rep for Sears where he sold and furnished new appliances for clients either updating or replacing appliances. Handling different types of clients sharpened Marc’s skill on how to know what a customer wanted before they wanted it.

When Marc’s store closed, he decided to join The Greenspan Company as a Radio Dispatch Specialist. There he was responsible for monitoring fires that effected commercial and residential properties.

Marc has a very competitive nature and when he isn’t making phone calls or meeting with clients, he loves to spend time with his family; they are reason he works so hard. Marc knows God is centered in his life and Marc also knows with Him, anything is possible.

Marc believes with great power, comes great responsibility…So when he is given the opportunity to assist someone whether it be in Real Estate or in life, he will go above and beyond to make that experience a memorable one.